Hosted Desktops

Access your work wherever you are

Access your full Windows desktop along with all your applications and documents from anywhere and at anytime. Hosted Desktop is a smarter way to run your business. ABC Cloud makes it simple for any UK business to make the switch.

What is it?

The concept is simple – all your data, applications and e-mails are stored centrally on a server which you can access at anytime and from anywhere (i.e. office, home, on the go or even when you are abroad). You can access using almost any device (i.e. PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc.) running any operating system (i.e. Windows, MAC, Linux etc.). A hosted desktop looks, feels and behaves exactly the same as the familiar Windows desktop.

What are the benefits?

  • Work from anywhere – Since your data is centrally stored on our Cloud servers, you and your employees can access it from anywhere. This ensures that your business operations are never affected by any natural calamity, as your data and applications are being served from a secure remote location. Read more…
  • Secured data storage – Data security is of paramount importance to us. The internet is rife with viruses and worms. Hackers are also constantly trying to access your sensitive data. When you opt for our Hosted Desktop service, you will get solid security for your mission critical information. We deploy industry leading firewalls and antivirus software to protect your data. Any type of data transfer is highly encrypted, ensuring almost total immunity against hacking attempts. Read more…
  • Backup – All data on our Cloud infrastructure are extensively backed up, ensuring that if disaster strikes, your data will not be lost. If you try to maintain your own data backup, you will have to worry about disaster recovery and business continuity in case of an unseen disaster. But here, you are free to concentrate on running your business and leave this concern to us. Read more…
  • Cost saving – This is one of the most significant benefits that Hosted Desktop provides. Our Hosted Desktop service frees you from the obligation of purchasing powerful hardware, maintaining a server and a multitude of workstations, hiring a technically proficient support team and so on. All these responsibilities are handled by us, leaving you with considerably less financial overheads and more time to concentrate on running your business, not supporting its infrastructure. Read more…

By moving your data from your local computers to our Cloud platform, you immediately eliminate the risk of data loss through fire, theft, hardware failure etc. In these unfortunate circumstances you will just need to reach for next working PC to carry on with your work as normal.

Hosted Desktop gives you a significant leverage in today’s competitive business world. It will give you total peace of mind, and almost impenetrable security for your business data. Contact us for a demo or a free no obligation trial.

Key features
+ Familiar Windows Desktop
+ Always available
+ Access from anywhere
+ Included IT Support
+ Built-in Anti-virus
+ No long term contract

  • Accessibility 100%
  • Security 100%
  • Backup 100%
  • Cost Saving 100%